The last of the winter lemons

Don’t worry- there’s more to come.

The Meyer lemon tree in the backyard does what it wants. It grows lemons year round, but like most citrus gets extra happy in winter. We’ve been picking them as they ripen, but a few days ago mom noticed some very nice specimens indeed in the center of the tree.

Now I am very aware that the lemon tree in all it’s glory needs some pruning.

Like- a lot of pruning.

But considering the tree is over 70 years old I figure it can take care of itself.

It does make reaching into the center of the branches to get three juicy lemons a little difficult though.

I am not concerned in the slightest however, because Spring has sprung and the lemon tree is flowering away.

And even if it takes a little effort- the lemons are worth it.



One thought on “The last of the winter lemons

  1. It was the most popular cultivar of ALL the citrus we used to grow. It was one of my lesser favorite cultivars though. The fruit is great. I just do not enjoy working with that shrubby growth.
    I just recently acquired a ‘Ponderosa’ lemon. It is a bit more manageable than ‘Meyer’, but is a bit thornier, and is really ugly. The fruit is hideous too. Oh well. It will have a good home here.

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