Tea for one

No time like the present to get Mr. Tea into a new pot.

And I have the soil and fertilizer on hand! Camellia sinensis is a Camellia after all, and there’s special soil for Camellias that I happen to have a bag of.

I got two for a thing and it turned out I needed only one- you know how that works.

He looks a tad frazzled, but being blown out of your pot will do that to you. Over all he’s perfectly healthy though, a little wind isn’t going to hurt him!

Of course, now that I’ve re-potted the Lemon Verbena, I have just the pot for Mr. Tea.

Mulch can come later. What a happy little tea plant! He’s still going to chill by the house because I have to figure out the perfect not too sunny place for him, Camellias of all stripes are not sun lovers.

But it was time to do this anyways, the wind just forced my hand.


11 thoughts on “Tea for one

          1. imperial white, platinum, vanilla, there’s one that’s kinda shiny I can’t remember the name- we got a new one and of course there’s the matte white indoors and the shiny white indoor cylinders… Ha that’s 7
            … at least!

          2. The white flower trend continues- just yesterday I rung up man and his mother- flat of flowers all white. Weird mix though- bacopas with full sun flowers. I tried to convey that the snapdragons would need more sun then those but I’m not sure if the message was received- the mother mostly spoke French.

          3. Oh, I so loath fads and trends. We do get to use a bit of white though, because they show up nicely in the shade of the redwoods. I suppose that justifies it.

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