The return of the wind- San Francisco tea party edition

I love the early morning hours. It’s warm and cozy in bed. It’s still dark and calm. You don’t have to wake up for another half an hour or so- so you lightly doze, listening to the wind. The whistling, the howling, the crashing-

Uh oh.

“Gusty winds could blow around unsecured objects”

That’s not very encouraging weather app!

I went from dozing to wide awake very quickly. Ever since last year’s windstorms I surrounded most things with rocks and potted most plants in ceramic- but I could hear smashing and crashing, was it me or my neighbors?

As soon as it was light enough I peered into the early morning gloom. Last time this happened half the garden was blown about and it was raining sheets as a bonus. Well this doesn’t look too bad…

Man overboard!

My tea plant not only got blown off it’s perch, it got blown out of it’s pot!

Good root ball though. I think maybe it was time to re pot it anyways.

I found the erstwhile pot under the lemon tree- where all things get blown eventually.

He looks ok- but I’m concerned he’s just going to get battered again- so for today his new home is in the downstairs sink and his future prospects involve a larger, heavier pot.

I had to give him a good watering too- wind can be just as bad as heat when it comes to drying out plants.

Luckily my seedlings are well weighed down- and not tall enough to be too damaged by the wind.

The only other damage was cosmetic. My tree collard had a few leaves blown clean off.

Considering how bad the damage was last year, this kind of thing I’ll take.

Just going to have to baby Mr. tea for a while, he had a harrowing morning.


One thought on “The return of the wind- San Francisco tea party edition

  1. I think the whole West Coast got it. It made quite a mess in the Los Angeles region, as well as here. The people I work with are out cleaning up debris from the forest today. Some of the roads are impassable.

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