I’d make an allicin joke but I’m not from New Jersey

It’s still wet as hell but I’m mad as hell and the only thing that will make me feel better is garlic!

Like cowbell- you always need more of it. And lets face it, the stuff at the market can be dreary. Like so much in the garden, it’s much tastier when you grow it yourself.

But as past disasters have taught me- you can’t just put store bought garlic in the ground. So seed garlic it is. I also have some seed shallots but there wasn’t room the day I went garlic planting.

All the beets have been picked so I have a free if weedy bed. It just needed a little amending but that’s what loam builder is for.

As it turned out I had exactly 24 cloves from 3 garlic heads so the shallots had to go back into the dark. I’ll find some way to plant you eventually!

I’m aware these holes are a little close but I like garlic as much for the greens as bulbs. Also- telling on myself a little here- I’ve never been able to get a good bulb, so I’m hedging in case I screw it up- garlic greens are a good consolation prize.

But that misstep was with farmer’s market garlic, this is proper seed garlic and it’s a super yummy hardneck type to boot.

I feel full of confidence!

I can smell the garlic fumes already.


6 thoughts on “I’d make an allicin joke but I’m not from New Jersey

    1. There’s this you tube series from bon appetit called “it’s alive” and the dude who heads it is from New Jersey and sounds like it and he has this thing about how great garlic is because of the allicin. It’s a running joke.

          1. Oh, of course, not television. I do see YouTube sometimes, but do not get into the habit of watching anything too time consuming. (I really like Sweet Brown, over and over and over and over. She is rad.)

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