Part one of new raised bed adventures

It was dry today, and it will be dry tomorrow. Then a bit more rain- then dry for a while. It’s the first good break in the weather so I’m taking advantage of it.

The first step is mowing everything I can get my mower on.

Under the greenhouse was a priority, but the most important place to mow and weed was the areas where I’m going to put my new beds.

Up here against the fence needed some work, including a lot of hand weeding.

Over here needed work too. I filled the compost bin almost halfway full before I was done.

Then I figured- I don’t have the soil yet, but won’t it be easier if I set up the new beds now?

Mallet time.

I ordered these two new beds over a month ago expected to be sent two smaller boxes. Instead to save money they bundled up both beds in two boxes which makes sense but made the package incredibly heavy. Wrestling it outside was very fun.

Luckily before I ordered anything I measured the areas well, so I knew for a fact the beds would fit in their new homes.

They still need straightening out, and tomorrow I’m going to dig out the remaining weeds and lay down some newspaper for weed prevention. Then it’s just a matter of covering both new beds with a tarp to protect them from the rain. Don’t want my new beds turning into swimming pools.

Then next week I’ll finally be getting the soil to fill the beds.

This was a lot of work, but better to break it up. I know from experience lifting multiple bags of soil first from the car to the back, then from where I set them to the beds is a CrossFit level of activity, so doing this now means in a week I’ll only have to do that, and I’ll be free to collapse afterwords.

I am very tired.


3 thoughts on “Part one of new raised bed adventures

    1. Sometime in early Feb. I realized that my plans of buying cheap lumber and building custom beds for less money but more labor was going to have to make way to buying pre-fab once I realized just how wet this winter was going to be. If it had been mostly dry by mid-Feb, I could leisurely build outdoors and take my time to clamp and nail and screw my planks together and make it all nice and stuff. But with this much rain? Hell nah. Pre-fab and it was and all I needed was my trusty mallet.

      1. Well, it is better than the sticks and stones I use. Mine were made from sandstone that tumbled town the hillside into the road, and the small redwood trunks that got thinned from crowded groves. It was effective, but not much to look at.

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