Mid-November tomato update

The air quality is better, but there’s still a bit of haze in the air. I spent maybe a half-hour outside and definitely felt it.

Besides the air quality the other fun thing is the turn for the colder. We’ve gone from a heat wave to proper November weather- which does have me a tad worried about the yet to ripen tomatoes on my plant.

I think the setting of tomato flowers is what’s temperature dependent, though I’m sure the cold isn’t helping ripening much. As is, every tomato I get this late in the season is a gift.

What’s not a gift?

Ah my old friend the red aphid. Hand killing is gross and messy but works better than an all over spray. Gotta squish those bugs! The cold will take care of them soon enough- hopefully not taking care of the plant in the process.

I’ve also had to tie up the plant better- as the small tomato cage was just totally inadequate for its new bulk.

It’s kinda still a mess!

But at least the various stems aren’t trailing on the ground anymore.

Last but not least:

Hello delightful ladybug larvae- you’re on the wrong plant! Come over to my tomato plant and eat the aphids!


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