That’s not fog- it’s smoke.

It was even worse yesterday. All the windows had to be closed and I couldn’t go out to water. I’ll have to water today, but I’m going to wear a mask.

This is a map of the active fires in California right now. The biggest one is the Camp fire to the North, but to the South there two more fires, The Woolsey and Hill fires to the north of Los Angeles. On paper that’s a lot of fire, very far away from me. On paper.

Problem is, smoke travels much further than the fire itself does. I don’t know if it’s wind carrying smoke south from the Sierras or wind carrying smoke north from LA, but it’s completely unbearable outside. My poor mother is housebound, the particulates in the smoke would be very damaging to her Asthma.

This is what climate change is doing, turning an already fire prone ecosystem into a tinderbox.

I mean I remember fires every other summer growing up as a kid, but they were usually small ones far away that were quickly contained. Not like this.

I suppose I should count my blessings. Last big fire we had in the summer laid ash down on my herbs. This is just ruining the air.

This is another risk of gardening.


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