Some new fall plants

So I was at the zoo, as one does, and after giving my regards to the penguins, as one does, I realized I was a block away from my local garden center- and the madness gripped me.

That is a lovely if gangly purple sage plant and a lovely and vibrant French sorrel plant.

Now the purple sage is really strictly for show- the berggarten sage fulfills all my culinary needs… but the purple stuff is so pretty!

It goes in the empty spot in the sunny herb patch.

Now the sorrel is kinda funny. I had a sorrel plant years and years ago. I put it in the ground in front of the lemon tree- and regretted it immediately. See, the sorrel plant is a little bit similar to mint, in that it cannot die.

We respectfully named the plant Audrey.

Every winter it would get huge and bushy and overgrown, and we would pull it out- and it would come back in the spring!

This happened like three times before we dug out enough of the roots to finally kill it.

Mind you sorrel is absolutely delish- and we made good use of the leaves, it was just that one plant turned into monster plant from the 8th dimension!!!

And it was a bit much.

My solution:

Put it in a pot!

Specifically the mystery pot- because the mystery seeds were clearly dead and nothing came up oops.

But hopefully in a medium sized pot under the watchful gaze of the plastic owl guardian, Audrey III won’t get oversized, just right sized.


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