Peppers continue to pep

Besides the great smushing that killed one plant and led to the emergency transplant of the surviving Hatch pepper- the pepper plants have been doing great.

The hatch pepper might not even be a hatch pepper, they’re all too small- but that plus the early ripening of some small ones makes me think it *is* a hatch, but the emergency transplant might have damaged the plant somehow.

But oh man the red bell peppers are looking great!

Slowly but surely the red bell peppers are ripening. The plants themselves are clearly not the biggest, due to the too small container, but they’re doing well regardless. I’m going to have to look into getting these guys into a bigger pot, but that can wait.

This is the one bigger hatch. Unlike the other ones that are going red too early and too small, this one is getting bigger, and most importantly, is still green. God bless it- it survived a smushing and it still grows.

The shishito never say die. They aren’t ripe yet- but by November I should have a few. I hope. Peppers will ripen in November right? If it’s a San Francisco November they probably will.

The Mole pepper abides.

Odds are my job is going to be keeping this guy alive til next summer- but it’s trying darn it!

Keep on trucking little mole pepper. Keep on trucking.


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