The tomato plant continues to grow

Though none of the flowers have turned into baby tomatoes yet. It may be that it got briefly warm enough to set out flowers but not consistently warm enough for either fertilization or fruiting to occur.

But holy cow look at this plant!

It’s growing as much out as it’s growing up!

I might have to scoot the pot back a few feet and rotate it so that it doesn’t grow into the pepper plant up top.

We are getting some curly leaves again, which was a symptom of over watering, earlier in the year, so I’ve dialed back the watering. As I mentioned, the weather has taken a turn for the cloudy, so the plants need less watering as they aren’t losing a ton of water through evaporation.

Of course the possible missing element in all of this is bees.

All the pretty flowers in the world won’t mean crap if they’re not fertilized. Now tomatoes don’t strictly need bees 100%, wind can fertilize them too sometimes. (And boy do we have wind!) But bees are best, and the cooling weather and late time in the season mean they’re not buzzing around like they were in July and August.

Oh well!

Even if I don’t get tomatoes from these pretty flowers, the plant itself is so dang healthy and bushy that I might try to baby it through the winter and see if I can get more tomatoes next year.

Perennial tomato plants are possible right?


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