First rain of the wet season!

It was a fun sight to wake up to that’s for sure!

Grey and gloomy- how I like my 7:30s to be!

Everything is nice and wet!

I think the only thing I’ll need to water today is the seedlings inside of the greenhouse bench.

It’s good timing too- did a major spray of the aphid encrusted fava beans last night and hopefully the rain washed some of them off.

The wet/dry dichotomy of San Francisco weather has some perks. For one thing- it means during the dry season you don’t really have to mow, all the areas in between beds will die back.

Well as you can see by the little green weedlets- that’s over!

The heavy rains of the wet season also mean you don’t have to water yourself much. It will mean some trouble for my succulent pots- might have to move them around so they don’t get drenched.

Anyways- I’m getting ahead of myself. There’s no rain forecast for a while after this, it could be a fluke and we’ll have another drought-y winter. (Please no)

Also adding to the weirdness, it’s humid now- and 70+ degrees. Because San Francisco.

It’s been a while since we’ve had our Indian summer and the wet season at the same goddamn time. I for one welcome our terrible interesting weather. It keeps one on ones toes!

Hot and rainy? Might actually get another few tomatoes. Also should keep the greens watered, though if it’s sunny too the lettuces will wilt.

So fingers crossed for hot, rainy and cloudy.

The San Francisco terrible interesting weather triple threat!


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