The little mint that could

Or the saga of mint thunderdome continued.

Remember the little tendril of mint that was attempting to escape?

It has reached the brick!

I should probably cut it back- but I’m dying to see if it will escape another few feet down to the actual dirt in front of the brick.

I think at that point I’d just let it grow.

It’s earned it!

This is the same orange mint that is escaping, it’s also sort of taken over the side of the pot and is growing in a very bushy manner. The other mints are much more scruffy- it would be tempting to call the winner of the mint thunderdome the orange mint… but…

Man the Roman mint is pretty. It’s less shrubby but it grows in such tall pretty stalks. It’s also probably the mint I eat the most- it grows in such a nice way and is very easy to harvest and use.

So winner in the grows-like-a-weed category: Orange mint!

Winner in mint I like to eat the most category: Roman mint!

The thunderdome continues!


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