Mystery seeds

🎶mystery seeds🎶

🎶Plant them in a pot- see what comes up🎶

So my wonderful mother decided enough was enough and cleaned up a shelf in the basement that held some garden stuff that I’ve allowed to get a little messy.

(A lot messy ok- mom found an empty spray bottle that was supposed to be used for fertilizer- 5 years ago. I’d wondered where that had gone…)

She found this:

That’s a little vial of seeds. What type of seeds? Mystery seeds!

Seriously cue Gandalf:

I am baffled? Why didn’t I put it with the other seeds? Why are they out of a packet?

Just… why??? These could be almost a decade old- or older????

Mom thinks this is hilarious. I think this is hilarious!

What was I thinking?


I took some of them…

And put it in a pot!

🎶mystery pot- full of mystery seeds!🎶

🎶guarded by an owl- it’s the mystery crop🎶

Updates of course, might take a while. These might be older than me- mom said these might be from her era of gardening.

She has no idea why she’d do this either! It’s a mystery!

So there is a possibility the mystery seeds never germinate, they might just be too old.

But oh man what if they do!

🎶I can’t wait for- my mystery seeds!🎶


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