Seedling care pro-tip

This one is actual not sarcastic like my fairly obvious tomato pro-tip. When I started my seeds in their little biodegradable pots I used seed starter soil (totally optional- I just like it) and watered it on the work table from my watering can.

Well that made a huge mess. The water just sort went right through and soaked the table. You have to water these bad boys really gently.

So I got a spray bottle that I store in the greenhouse bench so I can mist the seedlings everyday. This way I’m not watering the ground, wasting a ton of water, and possibly disturbing my seeds.

Happy spinach!

By the way the greenhouse bench really works. I unzip the sucker so I can get to misting and it feels like 10 degrees warmer than it was outside. And it wasn’t even sunny today! Hallelujah!

Winter greens here I come!


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