New greenhouse bench and sowing some seeds!

My big week of garden construction before university starts up again, has really kicked off! I’m starting with my greenhouse bench.

I actually have a really nice greenhouse waiting to be put together in the shed of doom.

The problem is- I got it like 3 years ago and never set it up, and dad made a really good point about anything that tall being an earthquake risk- so we’re going to brainstorm this winter about best practices before we set up the big one. And it will be *we*. Problem is- the big one is big enough that I seriously doubt I could put it together myself. So since dads not up for it right now- the little one will do. Also, there are a ton of logistics. Do we level the ground and put pavers down? Do we secure it somehow to the fence? To the brick?

Anyways- I have seedlings to start in gloomy weather- so it’s construction time!

Luckily for me putting together furniture/shelving is my idea of a good time. More than half of the stuff in the house was put together by me. I put together my first big piece of furniture when I was 8! It was an entertainment center for one of the old square TVs. Dad was all set for us to do it together, but when he realized how good I was at it and how much fun I was having, he just kicked back and watched me put together a piece of furniture taller than I was. He knew a good thing when he saw it.

So armed with a screwdriver and opposable thumbs- I got to work.


All I need is some seedlings! So I got out my seed start and my bio-degradable pots and got to work!

Swiss chard, romaine and the “alrite” Japanese spinach.

Here they are in their new home.

Everyone’s favorite plastic owl is on guard! And hopefully by the time the seeds sprout I’ll have the new bed laid out for some of them.

Honestly a lot of vegetable gardening in this sort of completely unpredictable climate is making the best of not great situations. Like the tomato plant is inexplicably still alive- though I doubt I’ll get more than 6 or 7 tomatoes. The peppers are inexplicably still producing, though how good the peppers will be in a month is also sort of up in the air. The fava beans remain the scariest thing in the garden. My herbs keep on trucking. I’m sad the zucchini died- but, it is what it is.

The fall/winter season has officially started!

If we have a late season heat wave I’m going to scream


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