Tomato update

So there was a beautiful ladybug on one of my tomato leaves today.

Looks like 12 spots, made for some great composition, got the ripening tomato in the background, along with the steel cage…


Why are you on the tomato!?!?

Yeah- turns out one or two green aphids decided to come visit my ill tomato plant. Luckily they were alone and easily killed with my fingers and the hate that resides in my heart. I’m not spraying the plant with oil while miss ladybug is resting there- but I’m going to go whole hog on it tomorrow.

Because there’s good news.

Fresh growth! New growth! The tomato lives!



2 thoughts on “Tomato update

  1. Tomatoes are so plucky. Mine was mowed down twice by marauding deer this spring, only to reset itself as a shrubby little tomato bush, replete with flowers and tiny little cherry tomatoes. Fingers crossed I get something edible by the end of this month!

    1. My biggest concern is that the damage is more than wet and damp. If it’s some kind of fungal problem or god forbid a real deal tomato disease… But hopefully my cutting back the worst of it and encouraging the new growth will fuel a come-back. I hope you get tomatoes too!

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