Planting the Mitsuba

So I want to plant the mitsuba. I have seeds not a plant so… a better way to construct that first sentence might be: I want to sow the mitsuba.

Mitsuba, or Japanese parsley is a woodland plant native to Japan. It likes shade, which means the workbench is the perfect temporary home for a mitsuba pot or planter. But what pot to put it in?

There’s always this empty pot- RIP dill.

I’m not putting it in the big pot- that’s for chard or bok choy in the winter/ peppers or tomatoes in the summer…

There is this old plastic pot that is currently home to many spiders… and should probably go to garbage land honestly…

Or there is this wooden box that held some sausages that was part of my dads birthday gift from a few months ago…


All joking aside, it really is the perfect size. Mitsuba isn’t like some herbs where you can pick it and then more grows, from what I’ve heard it’s more like a vegetable where you sow a lot because once you pick some that’s it for the plant. So I sowed like 18 seeds an inch apart each way, watered it well- and now I just have to wait. The box was just going to get recycled or thrown out anyways- this way it gets reused. Also the sides of the long part of the box don’t wholly connect with the bottom, which will function perfectly as drainage holes! (I have no idea why that’s there? Do sausages need to breath?)

Some of my backyard recycling hasn’t always gone so well- 4 of the pepper plants and like a dozen carrots are in three long plastic planters that hasn’t been used in a while. They were not well made and quite frankly- are falling apart. I’ve duct-taped the big holes and they’ll last this season- but they’re going to garbage land after that.

I also need to get a plant or pot shelf to put in the shady areas so I’m not clogging up the workbench- but it’ll do for now.

Or… maybe I could build one… TBC!


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