Japan town seed haul

There is a hardware store in Japan town across from peace plaza that sells seeds! Specifically Japanese seeds- though the company is based in Oakland. I could have bought pretty much anything there, but I settled for these two.

I have already decided that the monstreux de viroflay type spinach is what I want to plant this year in the spinach bed. (Which is currently the fava bed) It’s a monster spinach that grows very quickly and well in our climate. But variety is the spice of life- and I liked the description on the back of the seed packet.

Heat and cold tolerant! Good for us San Franciscans when you never know what the hell tomorrows weather will be like. Early maturing! Means I can sow a bit every week and have regular spinach. I have a new bed that I’ll probably dedicate to this fun new variety. More on that later.

But oh! Mitsuba! I’ve had mitsuba but I’ve never seen it in stores so I’m thrilled to add it to my herb garden. I think I’ll put it in a pot!

In other silly news:

Succulent printed origami paper.

God bless Japan town. I am going to make the weirdest cranes.


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