Summer harvests with bonus pie!

It’s that time of year where the harvests are 90% squash and herbs, but that’s ok.

I’m very much looking forward to going back to work soon- if only so I can offload my squash bounty on coworkers. (For many other reasons as well but also this)

This was from a few days ago- I now also have 4 more ball zucchinis, one more green and two more romanescos including a real baseball bat that will make for good stuffing.

In other exciting news I’ve harvested the confetti cilantro seeds. I’m gonna re-sow from last years saved seed but once these have dried a bit more I’ll have even more for saving purposes.

Here’s what they look like when sprouted. If I can get enough going I can use the seed for coriander production as well as for a fall cilantro crop- exciting!

The elephant in the room is of course the marionberry glut.

The question is- is it a pies worth?

Yes, yes it was!

Oh man this pie tasted good.

Nothing fancy with the filling either, just berries, sugar, little lemon juice and some potato starch for thickening. worked like a charm- set up great with a minimum of leakage. My vegetable oil crust worked decently- but pastry making is not my strong suit, and my extreme dairy intolerance makes it even harder. But for sure a 9/10 pie and next time I have enough marionberries for another (which will be like a minute from now) I can try again!

Summer may be too hot for my tastes- but it comes with some perks!



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