A childhood favorite for planting

I used to eat these as a child. Not something my parents ever bought at the grocery store or farmer’s market, and it wasn’t something they ever grew.

It’s miner’s lettuce!

This is a local wild plant that is totally edible and forgeable that grows… everywhere! The name supposedly comes from the miner ’49ers who ate the plant because it staves off scurvy.

As a child hiking and backpacking all around the Bay Area it was a nice snack you could pick from the ground. It grows pretty freely in some of my neighbor’s front yards- but I’m not about to eat something that’s close to car exhaust.

I actually had some growing about 6 years ago, it would pop up periodically in the old bed it was in, before the last drought killed it.

And now I have it again! Though I have to figure out where to put it of course.

What’s really cool is that since it’s been so dang damp, the wild stuff has been cropping up in between the oxalis!

I didn’t realize when I was bringing home the 6-packs that I had some in situ!

What’s nice is that if you can keep it really damp it will basically grow forever.

But first I have to set up the new bed… stay tuned!


One thought on “A childhood favorite for planting

  1. Wow! That is cool! I had never seen it in a nursery before. It is so common here, and sort of a weed when it comes up where I don’t want it. Fortunately, it is easy to control if I ever wanted to control it. Just a few miles away, in the Santa Clara Valley, it is not common at all. It prefers more moisture an humidity.

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