Julia Child comes to stay

And hopefully she’ll like it here.

No I’m not losing it.

This is a variety of tomato that is called “Julia Child”. It was developed in her honor when she was still alive- when asked what type of tomato she wanted she supposedly answered “a tasty one”, and this one was made for her.

I don’t know if it will be tasty- but I don’t care- It sounds lovely.

Pretty healthy roots too- not all underdeveloped like the spike.

And the heroic line-up! It’s funny how different the leaf shapes are! The Petaluma hill purple looks like a bog-standard tomato- the Spike looks like an alien plant, and the Julia Child looks almost like a pepper plant!

Now of course my babies are still spending their nights indoors- but my PHP definitely looks like she’s gonna be ready for planting soon.

That’s a day a ways off for Julia here though.

But still- rather a nice chore to have in the mornings, instead of letting out a feline- sunning the tomatoes.

Well. Fogging the tomatoes but you know what I mean.

Who knew that getting my tomatoes early would turn out to be the right call!


3 thoughts on “Julia Child comes to stay

  1. That really does look like a pepper. When you mentioned the name, I was surprised. I thought you got the rose!
    I will be putting my vegetables out in the next few days. . . . half way through March! In a few weeks, no one will know they got a late start.

    1. Supposedly it’s like a pink brandywine- and very delicious! Julia Child had a lot of things named for her- rightfully! But the leaf difference between my three tomatoes does boggle the mind.
      Maybe the fact that we think tomatoes look only one way is a product of market tomato plants having less diversity, and when you factor in the weirdos it’s actually more like potatoes in peru- a lot more variation then in our markets.

      1. When I grew citrus, the ‘Buddha’s Hand’ citron was weirdly popular. People like the weirdness of it, even though not many had a use for the fruit.

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