The madness continues

So one of the pitfalls of now working at my local garden center is getting to see the weird and rare stuff as it comes in.

That doesn’t sound like a problem right?

But it is. See in the past when I’d schlep down I’d just buy what was available that day, and while there were always goodies- the really rare heirlooms and the like most likely were snapped up.

But now I see them as they come in- which makes resisting an impulse purchase very very hard.

Case in point.

These guys are a local heirloom tomato cross.

They look super weird though- have you ever seen a tomato look like that?

We get signs for some of the weirder stuff so I took a look:

Looks like something from Star Trek.

Looks like something from…



Yes I know I know.

I said no more tomatoes till April. But… it’s a weird one!

It was also fairly young which is a good thing. The roots were not terrible developed so I used some tappin roots to water it as a precaution.

So my new crazy acqusition is getting the same treatment as my earlier, crazy purchase and gettin a temporary gallon home before being put in a bed in April.

Well at least the weather is unseasonably warm right?


It’s pouring buckets today!

I give up.


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