Herb thunderdome

Five herbs enter- five herbs… get along well?

The sun herb bed is limping along, but the Berggarten sage has finally given up the ghost and as I’d like to have a more dignified bug free herb pot- the sun herb bed needs some negotiation- time for a change.

I got some goodies yesterday, and while it might have been a schlep getting them home it was worth it.

There’s more then herbs here- but that’s another post.

(It’s mostly herbs though)

I had that terra-cotta low bowl filled with old soil from the tree collard rescue effort and that sort of thing is perfect for your hardy Mediterranean herbs.

Soil needs a little amending though- but that’s to be expected. This is most likely not the final home for this thing, but as a lot of the garden is in transition it’ll be here for now.

The fit is good but I’m concerned about drainage.

A cup of perlite will do the trick.

All of these woody herbs like sun and drainage. Perlite or another soil additive is great for making soil drain better when it’s plenty rich but too clumpy.

Then it was time to re-nestle-

And plant!

Anyways I’m excited to see how this one works out. Of course I already have all the rosemary I will ever need in the gigantic shrub of destiny up front, but I thought a little rosemary would be cute here.

And since these guys play nice with each other- it’s not really a thunderdome.

But I will call it one because I am silly.

So there.



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