A seasonal pause- or the rain delays have started 2k19

While I was smart enough to get the brassica beds all finished in time, I dithered on my new herb and leek haul.

Which now that it’s pouring is a bit of a problem.

I mean they’re perfectly happy, but as with the tea shrub I’m a little concerned about them blowing over.

I’m also going to have to drain and disassemble the bird bath- it’s clearly time to take it in.

There’s also now the conundrum of will the scallions germinate in the cold, but if you look closely a few are starting to pop up. Nothing stops an onion!

Taking a cue from the seedling setup I just put a big ol’ rock in the flat.

Anyways, I hope your late November is going well, and may the rain continue!

It saves me from having to water!



5 thoughts on “A seasonal pause- or the rain delays have started 2k19

  1. I am hijacking your comments section because I don’t know how to get a hold of you other than your mailing address and I’m not sure if you’re still lurking on The Blue. (shakes fist at Some People On the Blue.)

    THANK YOU for the beautiful package I received in the mail today. You hit everything right on the head and when I read your card I smiled. Because I stumbled onto this blog in the drear of winter last year and thought … “I have yard space, let me plant more than just an herb box.” So the sunflower that you saw which prompted you to send me the seeds and gorgeous pot was inspired by you. How’s that for the Circle of Life?

    I will also post on The Gray tomorrow with photos so that everyone will know of your kindness. And again, thank you.

    PS: I LOVE cilantro but blew it this year by planting it too close to my tomato plants, which overwhelmed the bed. Spring is coming.

    1. I am so glad the pot arrived unbroken! That is the fancy confetti cilantro which if you sow enough of it you can get some cilantro and some coriander for later.
      I… am taking a break from meta filter but I will be back. More importantly today was a really bad day at work (customers yelling at me about things I have in no way any power over that sort of thing) and hearing your kind words has really helped salvage my mood. I’m really glad you enjoyed the gifts and the thing about the sunflowers is just too funny! Spring is coming, and now I hope to see that pot on your blog! All the best from San Francisco- Hn

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