Quinalt strawberries are finally in their new home

Well between the wind and the heat this took longer to get to then I’d like, but at least I’ve finally done it.

I had a matching low bowl to the one I put the alpine strawberries in, so I cleared it of dead and dying succulents and set it into the vacant pot opposite it’s twin.

I will eventually have a proper place for these guys that isn’t just resting on top of a larger pot, but right now it’s what works.

There was one thriving succulent in the low bowl, so I saved it.

Aw he’s flowering! Sempervivums are great. Their name literally means lives forever and in my experience that is a very true observation.

The alpine strawberries are doing fantastic, regardless of the kooky weather, so I’m just following the exact procedure for the Quinalts.

Layer of the foxfarm, sprinkle of sure-start.

Layer of compost.

Layer of shredded redwood! All done.

I know I said stuff in the past like “strawberries are too much trouble” but I feel like strawberries are too much trouble if you’re trying to get enough for cakes and the like. I just want some berries to shove in my mouth. So if you’d like berries to shove in your mouth get the everbearing varieties, enrich the soil well, water well, and reap the yummy yummy rewards.

I… really need to update my garden map don’t I.


One thought on “Quinalt strawberries are finally in their new home

  1. These look more familiar.
    I must agree that it is not practical to expect enough strawberries for cooking and such, or even jam. (I am none too keen on strawberry jam anyway.) It is possible to get that many, but only by devoting significant garden space to the strawberries. Getting a few nibbly bits it not too much to ask of a few plants.

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