Fixing up the front

So the front patch was looking more than a little weedy and overgrown, with the jade plants kinda taking over the place.

The solution was a little weeding- and more jade plants.

See? It needed some work. Clearing out the weeds was no problem, and then I planted my two new specimens.

I nestled my silver dollar jade next to the paddle plant against the wall.

This funny guy is supposedly a vigorous grower, so I put him closer to the curb so he can get more light. Then I just watered them with a little tappin roots and hopefully they’ll take. Maybe I’ll spring for some cactus fertilizer in a week or two to give them a boost.

Then It was just a matter of hacking back the jade plants. Poor little Aeonium, he’s not in the best of shape sandwiched between two jades. I might get some rocks to fill in the gaps. Still, it’s a better front patch then it was yesterday, so that’s nice.

Not everything has to be edible you know.


4 thoughts on “Fixing up the front

  1. You could just break off bits of the originals and plug them where you want more. I do not think that the new jade plant will get as big as ‘normal’ jade plats, although they might get as big as those that are there

      1. I grew a hedge of them in a planter box where a walkway dropped off to the neighbor’s driveway. I kept them uniformly pruned, like a hedge, rather than distinguishable plants, but only because they were all the same.

  2. It looks great in that little space. You’re sprucing up the front. That makes everybody happy when they walk up the steps. (Of course if they drive in, well so much for making everybody happy with jades.) Keep up the good work and great gardening and writing. Love, Lynn

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