Romanesco issues

The little romanescos are still growing, but the big one that survived the maggots is getting quite big.

There’s just one problem.

This is a romanesco:

This is what is growing in my garden.

Did… something happen when the seeds were packed? Did purple cauliflower jump into the seed packet? Did I screw something up so badly that the color and shape changed?

I’m grateful that the romanesco isn’t having the same issues as the cauliflower, but I am deeply confused.

Oh well. It’s some kind of broccoli and I love broccoli.

But this is weird.


4 thoughts on “Romanesco issues

  1. Like I mentioned, perhaps to someone else; it is like when the waitress gets your order wrong, and you must either send it back or just try something new. Okay, maybe it is not like that, since you can not send it back.

    1. Hey I love me some cauliflower the weirder the color the better. I was just really hopeful for romanesco my favorite type of broccoli so boo botanical interests for clearly mixing up some seeds! I’m not even surprised as almost all brassica seeds look identical so I’m more surprised this doesn’t happen more often!

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