Mystery brassica

Well sometimes things get mixed up. A six pack of veggies can get misplaced by a customer who decides they want something else- and wind or misadventure can misplace a tag. Then you end up with something like this. It's... a brassica! Probably Brassica oleracea judging by the shape of it. But it's a little … Continue reading Mystery brassica


Romanesco issues

The little romanescos are still growing, but the big one that survived the maggots is getting quite big. There's just one problem. This is a romanesco: This is what is growing in my garden. Did... something happen when the seeds were packed? Did purple cauliflower jump into the seed packet? Did I screw something up … Continue reading Romanesco issues

Cauliflower woes

I had to pull another cauliflower today- and yeah, maggots on the roots. The plant came up really quickly too- like it was barely alive. And that's not even the only bug on the plants. Ah good old cabbage moth. Or cabbage moth caterpillar anyways. They're hard to see most of the time- this was … Continue reading Cauliflower woes