Captain’s log: vaguely late March 2019

It’s really pouring again but in short bursts punctuated by bright sun. So spring is here but it’s also quite damp. That’s not stopping my neighborhood criminal from lounging in my pepper pot.

The nerve of some people! He also likes to sit on my leeks.

Which is always cute but I’m worried if he sits in my baby tomato pots he’ll crush them with his big cat butt.

Baby sun gold is growing nicely- fresh growth already. I’m hoping the deluge, as intermittent as it is, won’t damage them.

My seedling zucchinis are pretty much ready to put in a bed, but it’ll have to wait until it’s dryer.

Right now the zucchini and other seedlings are under the house’s overhang on the work table. During a worse downpour earlier they went indoors for a while.

This took up some space but better than having them get washed away.

Spring is really here- I’m seeing the first big fat ladybugs. I’ll have to put out my bee house soon.

The original potatoes are growing like crazy- the rain is helping them be their best potatoes.

This is my latest project- I’ve taken cuttings from my various mint plants and I’m attempting to grow some plants for friends. We’ll see if they take- but I have high hopes as mint is indestructible.

I’ll leave you with yet another of my plastic owl guardians- now hanging from the apple tree being judgmental.

Of course he’s not the most judgmental thing in my garden.

This cat is the most judgmental thing in my garden. He sits. He watches. He judges.

As long as this guy doesn’t stick his furry butt in my pots.

I don’t have high hopes.


5 thoughts on “Captain’s log: vaguely late March 2019

  1. Do you have any plastic forks sitting around? They’re not terribly attractive, but also not terribly dangerous. You stick them into your pots, pokey side up. Cats find them annoying. I’ve had some luck keeping ferals out of my garden with these, once the plants are bigger, you can pull the forks out, rinse, and put aside for the next round of baby plants. (I have garden envy, by the way. Yours is lovely and soothing.)

    1. many years ago when I was in high school nothing was grown and we’d have to tear out the weeds yearly professionally it was such a thicket outside. Some how mom and dad accumulated a grand total of three plastic owls in order to IDK scare the mice? It’s a placebo frankly, but mom loves them so now I have three scattered around the garden because reasons. I wish they’d scare the kitties but Nancy Palmer gave me the great idea of sticking plastic forks in the beds tines up to discourage them sitting in my pots. Because as long as their butts aren’t crushing my plants I’m happy to have kitty visitors!

      1. I never used plastic owls, snakes or anything of the sort, but a few years ago, had use for one when rats started taking peaches from the tree in my mother’s garden. The cheapest owls we found in the hardware store were more than thirty dollars! Heck, for that price, the rats can take the peaches. Anyway, my mother hung a one of her great granddaughter’s plush toys in the tree instead. It was a rabbit named Pierre Francoise. Nothing will get near it! The peaches are safe!

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