Slow month in the garden doesn’t mean doing nothing…

The weather is wonderfully dreary. Personally my favorite, grey skies and gloom reveal my inner Addams. *snap snap*

Does mean it’s slow going in the garden however. But it means it’s the perfect time to pick up some supplies for the spring.

Specifically pots!

A very wonderful family friend has been giving me gift cards to my local garden center all last year, and I cashed them in on three new tomato pots!

Nice and deep- heavy, should drain well… gift cards well spent!

I mean, it’s gonna be a few months before any pot sees a tomato, but it’s good to get your proverbial ducks in a row. Stuff gonna get real busy come April, so I’m getting my beds and pots and seeds now.

I also got a new Oregano.

The old oregano looks terrible so it’s time for it to be replaced. This is one of the garden herbs I tend to use a lot of, so I always have to be on top of the plant. I’m not putting it in until tomorrow however, when it’s a little drier.

In other news I picked some of the weird stemmy Bok Choy for dinner tonight.

Weird looking- but yummy.

It’s still soaking in some water, like all greens it needs a good wash. Definitely lost a few leaves to the bugs, but the weird stalks are perfectly edible, I just cut them into chunks and halved them lengthwise so they would cook better. I’m still on the fence between just sautéing them as usual or maybe trying to make a Cole slaw.

Maybe I’ll save the slaw idea for one of the Joi Choi’s. But it’s nice to know as weird as these Rosy Choi’s look, they’re tasty!


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