Not so idle Tuesday

I don’t know what’s giving me so much energy but it’s a shame to waste it.

Now that the rains are done for a while- it was time to mow!

I’ll still have to hand pull the weeds in the corners and such, but the push mower is more than good enough for most of the work.

Moving all the pots to one side to mow under them was a lot of work, but weeds and grass can be bug reservoirs so it’s important to keep everything trim.

They can also be vole reservoirs, especially if everything’s so overgrown the mice and other little backyard friends can run wild.

I even moved the greenhouse to mow underneath it- but that wasn’t too difficult.

Then I turned my attention to the barbecue pot.

That’s what this style of pottery glaze is called. I can dig it.

It’s eventual fate is to house a tomato plant- but it’s gonna be while before I can put one in. Conversely- I can’t plant anything with too long of a time to harvest, because come April it’s tomato time.

The solution is always greens.

In this case the Rocket Salad arugula. I love arugula and I’ll have to pull out some of the back arugula for green beans come March, so why not more!

I had a brief thought for some micro greens.

If I let them get huge, would they be macro micro greens?

A possibility (and philosophical question) for another time.

Ah the happiest of sights (and smells) fresh dirt!

As you can see there needs to be some hand pulling of weeds- but that’s another day’s work- I’m pooped!


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