Winter rains bring surprises

Some more surprising then others.

Anytime everything gets watered as opposed to the targeted watering that only waters what you want watered- weeds pop up obviously, but also plants you might not expect.

For instance, in the shade herb bed we had two allium surprises.

The chives popping back up wasn’t a huge surprise, I only just ripped them out and it was such a hard job that I missed a few roots, not surprising.

What was surprising was the garlic.

I haven’t had viable garlic in this bed for months and months, but the deluge brought up two forgotten scrapes.

Cool! I like garlic greens!

I say garlic greens because it’s highly unlikely these will develop good clove structure considering that this is regrowth from a pulled out clove.

Another not really too surprising surprise is the regrowth of all the weeds in between the beds and pots, including some pretty oxalis.

Pretty- but a pest my mom is allergic to, so it’s got to go.

After tomorrow’s new rain I’m gonna have to drag out the push mower to take care of the grass and oxalis.

Oh well, it’s a good workout.


Damn birds! Judging by the size of the crap that’s either from the local crows or the transient sea gulls.

I like pigeons. Sea Gulls are the rats with wings.


That’s mint! That’s spearmint! That’s spearmint that was never even planted in this bed, it was in the bed before this bed- I ripped it out!

My god, it’s the return of the immortal spearmint from the before times!

God damn.


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