New flat leaf parsley pot

I mean between the fact that the old flat leaf plant got damaged by the early November heat wave- AND the fact that the soil had some serious mold issues… time for a new flat leaf plant.

The curly leaf parsley in the shade herb bed doesn’t give a damn. They endure anything- I know flat leaf parsley is trendy today as “better” parsley, but honestly, curly leaf is so much easier to grow, and for 90% of parsley applications curly leaf will do just fine. But- I do like flat leaf for green herb sauces so I like to have at least one plant.

Not the prettiest of specimens. Looked prettier in the store. They always look terrible when you transplant them I don’t know why. Luckily experience teaches me that it’ll perk up in a few days.

Of course, tomorrow night it’s gonna start pouring again, so the plant should really perk up.

Or drown. But let’s hope not!

Ah the shade herb table is whole again! I still have no idea when I’m supposed to harvest some of the lemongrass but it sure is pretty.

Now time to batten down the hatches- there’s more rain ahead!


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