Leek pot planted

Sounds like the start of an English nursery rhyme. But I have in fact sowed leeks in what was a carrot pot.

Yeah. Not too exciting to look at.

I’ve actually never grown leeks! I’ve heard it’s easier to grow leeks then real deal bulb onions- but they said it was hard to grow carrots and they were very wrong about that so… we’ll see!

Nice heirloom variety- should get quite a few leeks from a 18 inch diameter pot. And I have plenty of seeds so if one or two just don’t come up, I can always re-sow.

It just really occurred to me in the middle of the lettuce mess that the advantage of San Francisco gardening is no frost. So there are a lot of things that out here have a long long growing season.

So why not leeks!

I had moved the ex-carrot pot to the top of the bench shed after I’d picked the last carrots, and it seems I accidentally pick up a hitchhiker.

Luckily with all the rain my little worm buddy was still alive!

So I moved them to the new 4×4 bed and dig a little hole for it. Hope worm buddy enjoys it’s new home!


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