Fava beans defying the odds, while still being a pain in the butt

So during this last week of suck, I watered the garden but I wasn’t on top of spraying the damn aphids and what do you get on your fava beans when you’re not on top of killing the bastards?

Yeah- aphid apocalypse. But you know what? It’s manageable. Fava beans (broad beans) are troopers and you just got to get back on the mineral oil/insecticidal soap spray and just hose those jerks down.

Because yeah- ok, my fava beans clearly have some sort of bean rust

And so maybe I got to start using the copper fungicide too. (Or… neem oil…) but I don’t care- I don’t! Because look at these cool beans!

Fava beans are like honey badgers- they don’t give a damn!

As long as the beans keep growing and the bees keep coming- I’m gonna have fava beans.

Really gotta start looking up recipes…


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