Carrots are crazy

I have multiple sets of carrots growing off season in weird places, and the ones in the former bean bed are runty and weird, and the ones in the two containers are aphid infested and weird.

Except- I just picked a few from the round pot and…

Ha! Ha ha! Off season carrot from a pot! Picked two others that were smaller but totally edible ha ha ha!

I just… love it. I’ve been grousing to myself that I was stupid to plant carrots off season in pots- and yet! The ones in the big raised bed were planted A MONTH before the little red ones in the round pot- and the ones in the round pot are bigger.

I feel like my garden is a game of wait wait don’t tell me- the questions are made up- and the points don’t matter!

Whatever will grow will grow, against rhyme or reason!

I love it!


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