Fava beans incoming

I am almost 100% shocked about that btw.

I was convinced- that this cover crop variety of fava beans was never going to bear fruit (well vegetable). I mean- it’s a zillion feet tall like a triffid. It’s clearly suffering from bean rust- and for god sakes the aphid load!

I mean UGH! I’ve been playing whack a mole with the aphids all summer! Mineral oil- insecticidal soap- it works, but if you miss one… the damn ants will *literally* pick up a nearby aphid and move it to your other plants.

(In all seriousness this winter I am looking to organically tackling the ants as a precursor to summer planting… I have… plans…)

I am definitely getting the next step in aphid killing, neem oil, the next time I’m at my local garden center. Still not 100% sure what a “neem” is- but it’s organic and kills bugs without hurting dogs so sounds great to me!

And yet- and yet…

That’s a goddamn baby fava bean. I counted three on the stalk.

Fava beans are like honey badgers.

Fava beans don’t care. Aphids? Bean rust? Weird San Francisco weather?

Fava beans just grow.

I planted this guys as a freaking nitrogen fix for winter spinach. And now I’m going to eat them! While fixing nitrogen for later spinach planting WHOOO-HOOO!!!

God bless fava beans.

And fuck aphids forever.


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