Captain’s log: August 24th 2018

So today was gloomy as usual- though a little warmer, almost 70 in the early afternoon.

It’s heat more than sun that ripens tomatoes- so even with the gloom as long as the temperature continues to stay warm-ish, the new growth and a more cautious watering schedule means that I might get more than these 3 tomatoes.

The eastern peppers are doing great. So are the western peppers, for the most part- but that one hatch plant is just growing like mad. There are baby peppers growing, and most importantly it has been brought to my attention that pepper plants can live many years and produce every summer. I had been hoping to get rid of the shitty plastic planters but damn- perennial peppers…

Speaking of perennials- I really have to cut back the African blue basil. It’s just too wild, and I’m sure it’s hiding some nasty bugs. But it’s attracting so many bees…

I pulled out the marjoram plant- it had gone completely to seed.

I also have to cut back the shiso a bit, it’s being nibbled so I have to trim it back.

Same kinda holes as the sage.

Considering the amount of horrible cabbage moths that have been flying around I’m pretty sure it’s the moth caterpillars that’s causing the damage. Considering the gloom, slugs and snails could also be the culprit. So as a precaution I put down some Sluggo. It’s a bait type organic poison- I use the pet safe version. Once you wet the ground you shake the pellets around and the slugs eat it and die instead of your plants.

The carrots are growing nicely despite the off and on aphid load. I’d like them to get a little bigger before I pick them- but they’re very nice.

I’m still misting the seedlings everyday, it it will be a week or two before anything sprouts.

I love how well this greenhouse bench is working out.

For now the new bed is empty.

It waits… it hungers… for seeds!

I might sow some spinach direct into the bed on one side and wait for the new seedlings to fill the other.

My next big task this weekend is to tear down the bean vines and do a deep weeding. I have to get this done this weekend because starting Monday- the new semester starts. Might be too tired next week for big projects.

I’ll probably also do the trimming and pruning of the herbs.


Is that a wasp? Are my fava beans attracting wasps? It’s gorgeous but I do hope I don’t get stung…

Or that my silly bee eater becomes a silly wasp eater.


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