Vaccinium Vindication

Or adventures in cross pollination.

San Francisco’s somewhat random and variable weather patterns means Spring has a tendency to start a little sooner here. How much sooner and with what types of temperatures varies from year to year.

I suspect we’re gonna have a warm early spring this year because my Blueberries are starting to produce fruit.

In February.

But… A LOT of it.

My Pink Lemonade blueberry is also chugging along but it’s my Southern Highbush that’s going gangbusters. It set a ton of flowers this year, and so many are showing signs of pollination. I ate the first ripe blueberry of the season a few days ago and that is totally wild to me.

(it was really good)

I guess the reason for my vindication is that I planned for this and my planning was rewarded. Blueberries are a type of fruit that produces way more if it’s cross pollenated with a different cultivar of Blueberry. So two “Misty”s will produce fruit in a garden, but if you have a “Misty” and a “Oneal” both will produce a TON of fruit.

They do have to be the same general type though- a highbush and a highbush for instance. My pink lemonade is a different type altogether, no help there. No, my planning occurred years ago when my neighbor asked for some help picking blueberries for her garden and I let her know about the cross pollination peculiarities.

Fences make good neighbors and keep dogs in, but they do absolutely nothing to stop bees from flitting to and fro, pollenating as they see fit. So with 5 blueberries of varying types between our two gardens, we’re both gonna be drowning in berries.

What a way to go!


One thought on “Vaccinium Vindication

  1. As much as I dislike modern cultivars of . . . just about anything, some of these modern blueberries seem to be more reliable than traditional sorts here. I have not tried them yet, since I am none too keen on blueberries, but they seem happy in other gardens. I just acquired some, but do not know what cultivars they are. I still am none too keen on the berries though.

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