A Zucchini tree in the making

I put one 4 inch squash plant in a large plastic grow pot earlier this spring.

Oh my.

I’m getting nearly a squash a day or every other day now, which is a really glorious situation to find oneself in.

But we’re approaching the zucchini event horizon- when the plant gets mega-unwieldy very quickly and that starts to impact how the plant performs. So I’m going to attempt a zucchini tree.

It’s actually really simple. You put a really tough tall stake into the pot or ground and as the zucchini grows and you harvest from it- you just keep tying the growing parts up the stake.

The tendrils of the zucchini vine are already on board which is nice!

I still have to harvest more zucchinis and start cutting off the yellowing leaves before I can really start tying up the new vining growth but it’s going well. Of course the two smaller squash plants I put into the 4×4 bed will probably need vertical staking too, so by August we might have a zucchini forest.

Guess I should start looking up zucchini bread recipes now.


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