Buddy aloe gets a new home

Buddy aloe has patiently and diligently waited out the winter, putting out more and more pups and just begging for attention.

While also becoming a one succulent spider factory.

He got more than a little root-bound, and needs a new pot pronto. Of course as he’d also become home to a veritable internet of spiders, and I had to spend a day hosing him down before I could assess the damage.

Over all, buddy aloe survived the winter well, but could use a change of housing. Works fine for me, as I need that pot for a thyme plant.

Wrestling the roots free was a challenge- both to successfully separate my new two baby aloes- and because little miss Shelob was not happy I’d destroyed her webs and was making an attempt to menace me every time I touched buddy aloe here.

This was largely comedy, as while I’m not afraid of spiders, I will go “AHHHEEUURRRGGG” and fling any who try to crawl up my gloves into the pit.

I like spiders just fine, as long as they are not on my person.

Happily for my continuing hominid/spider mutual non-aggression pact, there was no need to stab little miss Shelob with Sting, she scuttled off after I threatened to fling her away with a trowel. And the two new baby aloes were free!

It’ll be a few weeks to a month before I’m positive these little guys will have rooted- but I have high hopes.

However buddy aloe is loving it.

I’ve trimmed his gross tips, given him a nice new abode, and he once against has pride of place on my herb shelf- even if he’s not really an herb.

I am now however taking a look at his height relative to his starting size, and making some mental calculations on how much he’s gonna grow this year. Hopefully bigger aloes don’t attract bigger spiders.

Mom frowns on swords in the house. Long story.


4 thoughts on “Buddy aloe gets a new home

  1. Yes, they all start out cute and innocent like that, and then they take over the neighborhood. I would be fine with leaving a litter of pups attached to the parent plants, but they look shabby as they grow.
    No swords in the house? What? I don’t intend to pry.

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