‘Tis the season- for acidic mulch!

It’s wall to wall trees at work. I’m not a huge fan of dead plants unless I’m eating them, but the proliferation of pines (actually firs) means tree trimmings!

Here’s a bundle I took home on the bus, confounding and amazing my fellow travelers. Also maybe making the train smell better then it usually does because hoo boy Muni.

But why did I bring home all these pine pieces? (actually firs)

Because now that the comfrey has died back my blackberries are naked!

Pine needles (again, can’t stress this enough, actually fir needles,) are a great acidic mulch for the garden, good for your berries and other acid loving plants like azaleas and camellias.

(Hmmm need some more trimmings for my tea plant).

I could have chopped them up, but that would have meant fiddling with clippers in the rain so I decided to go lo-fi and just give the roots of my vines a nice blanket.

Of course now Ms. blueberry is jealous and also in need of a good soil acidifier so I will have to pick up some more pine trimmings from work.

Fir trimmings.

Eh conifers are all the same to me.


One thought on “‘Tis the season- for acidic mulch!

  1. But they are still fresh! They will break down just fine over winter though.
    You would not believe how much fir (and pine) debris we must take away after a storm! Huge Douglas fir and Ponderosa pine trees grow wild here.

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