Be nice to your Bush Beans and they will reward you.

Or you know- be terribly neglectful and then reward them after the fact in the hope that you can scam more beans from them.

Mr French bush bean here got a little tempest tossed by the Santa Ana winds last week. But he’s producing a ton of little beans and I can respect that.

I tossed some compost into his pot to try and prolong the season, and I harvested what I could.

Dang! It’s two plants in a pot that barely got over a foot in height! That’s a respectable amount of beans! I think after my years of struggling and enjoying pole beans I might be a bush bean convert. Now to see if I can get more beans into November.

You know, for science!

And for my tummy.


3 thoughts on “Be nice to your Bush Beans and they will reward you.

  1. You know . . . it really is autumn in the rest of the World . . . or at least the northern half of the rest of the World . . . okay, so maybe just the northern third that is not so close to the equator . . . Regardless, it is late for beans. (I do the same with tomatoes and summer squash though.)

      1. In this region, it is easy to miss autumn . . . or winter. It is like always summer here, with a few cool days, and maybe that strange wet stuff that occasionally falls from the sky. Like all that fog that San Francisco gets, but in bigger and wetter pieces.

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