One set of bean vines down

The purple beans have beaned their last.

Which is surprising to me as this time last year they were still going strong.

All the pole beans are doing kind of iffy this year, probably from the overly rainy weather combined with the subsequent roasting.

Now its cold again and my poor beans are in shock.

I did get a last harvest at least, and these guys are pretty yummy. I’m not sure If i’m going to resow them or not, I already put bush beans in one of the pots, and I have two more vines of pole beans, both in various stages of not great states.

Another complication is that the corner beds are the hottest in the garden- as they’re south facing. While that’s a good thing for warming the soil early in the growing season to reach bean temp for sowing, it does mean in a heat wave those beds are going to get absolutely roasty toasty.

So as always, I have some things to think about for next years planting.

Now I’m off to eat beans!


One thought on “One set of bean vines down

  1. If the weather got any rainier and warmer, you could harvest the beans already steamed.
    Although south facing fences are the perfect place to grow beans, it is not easy to grow them in the same place from year to year without regular application of fertilizer. Since I used no fertilizer, our beans were a bit less productive in their second year, and downright sad in their third year. It was important to rotate something else into the spot for at least a year. Even though I now that, I always tried them a second year, just because it was such a perfect spot. it never went well.

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