Possibly futile mowing

I mean- it’s gonna rain again soon. It’s gonna rain again soon… a lot.

And now that the silly bee eater has passed on to the giant dog park in the sky, we don’t need to keep the grass/weeds super trim in order to keep her safe from bugs and stuff.

But… I guess a combination of frustration and lack of exercise led me to drag out the push mower.

She ain’t pretty- but she works.

There’s really no point in having a gas or electric model in a yard this size and shape. Also- I’m not cultivating the grass for esthetic purposes like with some HOA mandated front yard bullshit, so who cares if it’s not perfectly manicured.

It’s not even grass it’s weeds that look like grass.

I just need to not trip over the weeds while I water my plants.

See? That’s all that needs to be done. I’ll hand pull the weeds that are too close to the pots, and move pots where appropriate. Hauling the damn mower up and down is good exercise too.

Some weeds though…

Those fluffy ones to the right of the mower are just impossible. Once they get to that height the roots are super thick and you have to dig them out by hand. Jokes on me- should have been mowing sooner.

Mid mow sustenance. Sorrel leaves are yummy!

Overall I did a pretty good job. It’s possibly all futile of course since starting early tomorrow morning we have about a weeks worth of rain coming. Good for my plants- also good for the weeds.

It’s always a trade off.

My neighbor’s cat was interested in the noise I was making.

Good kitty.


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