Looking forward to some late October tomatoes because apparently that’s how it works this year

So in earlier posts I mentioned that if we got our typical Indian summer this year I might get some more cherry tomatoes. I was really expecting a late August early September thing, instead of what we’re getting instead, which is people thinking about their Halloween costumes and wondering if it will be too hot to wear them.

So how’s the tomato looking?

Woah! It’s tripled in size!

So today is October 11th and while it has rained a few times this month- signaling the very beginning of the wet season- it is also getting very hot.

Like 76 degrees every few days hot, and forecast to reach that temperature again over the weekend.

(Yeah yeah yeah 76 isn’t that hot in most places but in San Francisco it’s practically a scorcher!)

Heat is what triggers tomato plants to put out flowers, and that is exactly what my plant is doing!

There are also aphids- but my policy of hand killing every day seems to be controlling their numbers sufficiently.

I’m torn between being quite a heat hater personally and wishing it would cool off- and being thrilled about possibly getting some yummy late season tomatoes.

San Francisco weather! Sometimes it screws you- sometimes it gives you extra time for your tomatoes.


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